How I help research and set new trends

The business of forward-thinking

Fashion, make-up, music and art have always been big influencers for me when creating colours or researching trends. Hair colour trends are linked to so many aspects now, and the most interesting thing for me is that with colour you set the mood for what you want to express. Bright, bold hues say the opposite to subdued, classic and natural shades – and fashion play a big part in this as hair colour is often an accessory to the total look.

One part of my role at TIGI is to work with trend agencies along with the session team to research trends for the coming seasons, and usually there are four or more key trends that we see for the spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons.

Colour is often used to communicate whether the trend is classic, urban, street or eco – it’s is shown through clothing, shoes, make-up and accessories, and hair colour mirrors that as well.

We create the trends and identify the key colour groups for each category; from there, techniques will naturally develop and mixtures are created from the Pantone swatches.

A big trend for the spring/summer 2017 season is bold and saturated colour that can be shown through textured colour placement. We have seen soft Balayage for a long time now, but textured colour will show stronger effects between different hues and bold shades will create a more artificial look to emphasise the fact that the hair has been coloured.