Faking it

Wigs have a bad rap (GoT’s Deanerys’ springs to mind), but Ky Wilson – aka The It List 2017 It Guy – believes wigs are simply misunderstood creatures. Here, he reveals why it’s time you got wiggy with it (sorry) to not only improve your photo collections, but reach a whole new client base…

Ky Wilson is tired. Tired of being able to spot a wig wearer at 50 paces – most noticeably spotted on models in hair collections – and tired of stylists being too afraid to use wigs on clients. He wants to make wigs accessible for the masses, which is why Ky and his good friend, Luke Pluckrose, creative director at Saks hair and Beauty, launched The Social Wig Session.

“We decided to set up The Social Wig, because we found that when looking at a lot of hairdressing images you could always easily determine the wig photos, as normally they crop the top of the head off and they are wearing a fringe,” explains Ky. “This defeats the whole purpose as who wants to see a picture of a model that everyone knows is wearing a wig?

“We want to get across to people there are other options out there that you can take to make wigs look as real as possible without having to compromise your look and the photo.”

Here, Ky shares his tops tip to not only making wigs work for photoshoots, but how wigs can open up a whole new avenue for clients…

No drastic cut or colour transformations necessary

“Firstly, it doesn’t cost the Earth – for either you or your client. Also, with the disposable fashion world we live in today, it gives your client an option to come in and be fitted with a wig (different colour or cut) without changing their look for a night out or an event they have. Whether it is for someone who struggles from a condition, illness or someone who wants it for a night out to look different without the upheaval of a cut and colour, wigs really are for everyone. Think of it as ‘Rent a wig’.”

Make like a celebrity

“A great way to get clients initially interested in wigs is to let them know that many celebrities wear them,” says Ky. “For example, a reoccurring question many stylists in salons get is, ‘why can’t I go from dark to blonde in one session like Kim Kardashian?’. The answer is that she can only do this through the use of wigs.”

“Celebrities can also be great examples of how to do wigs well. Take supermodel, Jourdan Dunn. She’s admitted to wearing wigs and people were none the wiser.”

Wigs are misunderstood

“I think a lot of people don’t work with wigs or understand how good they currently are so they would never mention this as an option for clients,” says Ky.

“However, wigs are becoming much more popular and this is down to more celebrities wearing them, as well as the Afro Caribbean community, where the market is huge.

“Wigs are not as complicated as people think and once you’ve broken down that knowledge barrier, you’ll realise that they’re far more accessible than you think.”

When creating a wig…

“If you’re willing to take the plunge, then you need to make your wig look as real as possible. It’s important you use a lace frontal and make sure you pluck the hairline out, which is always too thick. When placing a wig on the client important things to remember are:

  • Is the size of the wig correct for your client?
  • Make sure the skin is clean before gluing or taping it down.
  • Is your wig wrap as flat and head hugging as much as you can get it?

The next Social Wig Session with Luke Pluckrose takes place on 12 February 2018 at The Social in London. It costs £600 (including the wig you will make) and wig/hair coatings can be split between two people. To book, visit


Ky Wilson