Gielly Green’s Pascal Lombardo explains how and why his latest afro collection is entirely about the street-scouted models…

“I’ve been in the hair industry about 12 years now, and what I absolutely love the most about being a hairdresser is the power we have to change people for the better. I like to work all kinds of hair textures and I always aim to create styles that will transform each client’s look, boosting their confidence and making them feel like the best version of themselves.

“My ‘Observation’ collection was totally inspired by this ethos. Rather than starting with a concept and styling models to produce that vision, the inspiration came entirely from the models themselves. I actually stopped each of them in the street after observing something in the way they walked, their face shape, eyes, and their expressions that I connected with or found interesting.

“The style influences that emerged during this process – and the conversations myself and the models had – came from a variety of pop-culture figures from across the decades. I couldn’t help but think of Jimi Hendrix when we came up with the ’70s afro look with the large rounded shape, and I ended up remodelling an ’80s twist mohican inspired by ‘Clubber’, a fictional character played by Mr T in Rocky III.

“The final flat top hairstyle echoes both Grace Jones’s iconic styling and Will Smith’s ’90s haircut in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This combination reflects not only the model’s fierce gaze and inner strength, but a lighter side to her personality in the precise but less graphic finish.

“To let the model’s finished looks do the talking, I chose to have them stand proud and unadorned. They are observed being unashamedly themselves.”

Hair: Pascal Lombardo
Make-up: Romy Locci
Photography: Vincent Baldensperger