Boring Boomerangs? Let’s help flip-reverse that…

The players at BLOW Colour Bar in Glasgow are masters of the Boomerang, transforming ‘after’ shots into two second slices of fun in their followers’ social feeds. We grilled them on how to best use the looping gif app to showcase your cut, colour and styling work.

Make the right moves
“Since Boomerang clips are so quick, you need to capture a lot of movement in a short space of time for it to be effective. Getting the client to flick their hair or getting them to shake it (like a Polaroid picture!) perfectly captures the different tones and shape of the client’s style… and looks awesome when it plays in reverse too.”

Let the great results (and the client’s quirks) shine
“With a selfie or regular static ‘after’ shot, it is very easy to manipulate how good the style looks with lighting and editing apps. By using Boomerang, there is no smoke and mirrors – you capture a real-time representation of how your client’s hair looks in real life,  how it moves and feels, and often a snippet of their personality too. Our rule is: no filter needed for hair this good!”

Timing is everything
“To get the best of the action, it’s all about using your judgement of the client’s personality and their body language. Some of our clients are super confident and playful in front of the camera and don’t need any encouragement when we take them to our infamous selfie wall. For others, we usually request them to do a certain movement and count down out loud to let them know when to go. Think about what will loop well and don’t forget to hit that button!”

Keep it steady
“If your salon is as crazy as ours, just make sure the place you are taking the Boomerangs isn’t in your colleagues’ workspace and is clutter free. There should be enough space for the client to move and for you to hold the phone comfortably without fear of being in the way or bumping into any salon furniture and equipment. That’s how we have achieved #BLOWfies that rule!”

Be serious about your set up, but playful in your execution
“We have our own selfie wall (with amazing wall paper by Glasgow-based designer Dana Finnegan) that compliments the wild personality of our shop. It’s best to take your Boomerang against a plain or non distracting background with good lighting. Either make use of natural lighting or invest in a good selfie/ring light if you are serious about your social media looking extra professional.

Remember, some clients may feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, so it is important not to put any pressure on them. Yes, the goal is to achieve great clips and images for social media, but this should always be a fun experience to round up a great salon visit.”