Discover Re-Kolour – the answer to removing colour safely and easily


As clients become increasingly adventurous with their colour, they need a product that removes colour safely and easily. Re-Kolour by new British brand PeRA|357 is the answer.

Re-Kolour allows you to remove colour more safely without resorting to the use of harsh chemicals – a dream come true for colour chameleons.

So how does Re-Kolour work? Inspired by scientists from Leeds University and with the backing of some of the best in the industry, the in-salon service takes the fear out of hair colour removal by taking out up to 99 per cent of colour dye without damaging the hair. The vast majority of hair colour removers work by shattering the colour molecule in the hair, which masks it but does not actually remove it. Re-Kolour works by making the colour molecule water soluble, enabling it to be removed from the hair without any harsh chemicals. There’s no bleaching, no stripping, no oxidative damage and no orange hues left in the hair, just a glorious, even colour result.

But remember, as with any colour service, the consultation, examination and history of the hair’s previous services to assess the condition and development times are key. It is also the perfect opportunity to explain to the client how Re-Kolour works, removing any concerns and fears they might have about the technical service and enabling them to change their hair colour as often as they like – meaning they’ll come back to you more often to try out the latest colour trends.

Re-Kolour can also open up whole new colour possibilities: clients that had previously been wary of colouring their hair, because the shade they end up with might not be the one they were looking for, can rest easy safe in the knowledge that any hair colour can be altered with Re-Kolour, without damaging the hair.

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