Success with sensitivity

Try a little tenderness

Be sensitive, ask the right questions and listen – it’s the NIOXIN way that will help your clients find their confidence!

Let’s be honest – thinning hair can be a sensitive topic to discuss with clients. But you’re in the driving seat to be able to share advice, knowledge and expertise with your customers so that they can talk to you with confidence. Knowing what to recommend can change the lives of both male and female clients in your chair… but how do you get started?

The NIOXIN Approach
Just like the skin on your face, the skin on your client’s scalp needs the same attention and care. NIOXIN’s 3-step regime has been inspired by skincare, and has been designed to strengthen, nourish and treat hair from its foundation. It’s simple – good scalp health creates good hair health.But finding the perfect solution for both men and women depends on three factors:

  • How visible is the thinning hair?
  • Is the hair texture fine or coarse?
  • Is it natural or chemically treated?

Identify your client’s needs
You know that identifying and understanding your client’s needs is all about asking the right questions – you’ll discover what they require in addition to what they want:

  • “What are we looking for today?”
  • “What hair issues are you looking to solve?”
  • “Tell me about your hair care routine…”

By listening carefully to their answers, you’ll find all-important clues that NIOXIN might be the solution. Here’s what to listen out for:

Hair growth, hair loss, hair thinning, breakage, split ends, poor scalp condition, fine hair, limp hair, lack of volume, lack of fullness

Listen to how your customer responds to your questions, and encourage them to elaborate with a comforting “I understand” or “I see”. And then you can identify the best NIOXIN System Kit to best suit their hair type, and help them start to rebuild their confidence…