Discover a fresh approach to education with KMS

Looking for inventive (unconventional, advanced, innovative) education? start here. KMS brings style matters to life in its Creative Sessions

What are the creative sessions all about?

  • Techniques of style: the technique-based sessions show you how to create — not recreate.
  • Fashion meets hair: the signature sessions bring global trends into your salon.
  • Intuitive retailing: KMS makes retailing easy and encourages customised style creation with START. STYLE. FINISH.
  • Mutual inspiration: the sessions are led by stylists. Youʼll be coached (not taught), so you can learn from and inspire each other.
  • Growth: youʼll have the opportunity to grow within KMS’s global style community of creatives, a community that thrives off exchange and staying connected.


This technique-based cutting course is for all levels of stylist. The most requested salon hairstyles are broken down into four easy-to-understand steps that, once mastered, allow a fast track into advanced haircutting. Builds confidence and teaches you to work smarter, not harder.


Take the principles from the IQ Cutting Method to the next level in this advanced cutting class. All techniques are based on how to connect or disconnect, using the IQ method as the blueprint, giving you the freedom to break the rules of haircutting.


Attend this course and find your place in the growing market of men’s grooming. Using the IQ Cutting method principles, KMS has combined classic techniques with contemporary, fashion-inspired finishes to help you build confidence and skills in men’s hair.


Visit four global style hotspots in this virtual around-the-world journey. Youʼll get access to fashion, trends and the most requested consumer looks from the streets, plus techniques to take back to your salon.


Visit the catwalks in this virtual trip to the high style hubs of London and New York. Youʼll get access to designer fashion and hair, and key techniques to take back to your salon.

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