The Color Zoom ’18 Collection from Goldwell fuses old and new, rawness and refinement, technology and simplicity. At its core is a desire to know our origins and a primal urge to connect. It’s element∆l

Amazing fashion meets stunning hair artistry – that’s Color Zoom. And at its heart is the Color Zoom Collection. Designed by the global winners of the Color Zoom Challenge together with two of Goldwell’s international artists, it inspires stylists to push the limits of creativity.

This year, the Color Zoom ’18 Creative Team has crafted a collection with raw edges and rough textures that harks back to the beginnings of human life, combined with a look to the future, propelled by technology. A new energy is created, it’s visionary, it’s element∆l.


A minimalistic approach conveys sophistication with a sense of the elemental. The key to a precise but intuitive look is a primal foundation created by soft and jagged edges. The look is completed by handcrafted shapes that are subtly asymmetric with unexpected irregularities.


The element∆l Collection is influenced by the balance created between raw and refined elements. Skilful texturing lends an airiness that flows into the styling to create a future-forward look.


Muted pastels and rich earthy tones overlap and refine one another, creating a sense of translucency. A weathered patina forms a muted shimmer where matte and unpolished tones appear beneath a luminous surface. Moving beyond metallic into mineral tones reveals a variety of harmonious shades.


Color Zoom