Colour your clients will covet – the new Couture Colour collection by Wella Professionals has arrived


A colourist is often expected to be some kind of magician; to wave their magic wand and create the colour their client’s always dreamed of. And these days, clients want the biggest magic trick in the book: to make their hair colour look as natural as possible, while enhancing what they’ve already got. If you, as a colourist, can achieve this, you’ve not only got a client for life, but you’ve got a client willing to pay extra for it.

Now you’ve probably already heard about hair contouring, but unlike other trends, this one is here to stay due to its ability to naturally enhance and highlight a client’s best features. Bespoke to each client, contouring uses placements of colour to create the deception of light and shade, defining and recontouring any face shape to complement natural skin tone and eye colour by highlighting the most beautiful features to create unique personalised results. It is this concept that has inspired Wella Professionals’ latest collection, Couture Colour.

“It’s about colour placement and using the most expressive shades to enhance the personality of your customer” Josh Wood, Wella Professionals global creative director, colour

While a magician never usually reveals the tricks behind their magic, Wella Professionals is willing to show colourists how they created optical illusions in cut, texture and movement through colour choice and placement so that you can create a customised and ultra-authentic colour service for each of your clients. But the real magic behind the Couture Colour collection is that you can charge clients extra for it.

Charging clients more for a service is never an easy sell, but dazzle them with the latest Couture Colour looks by Wella Professionals and they’ll be throwing out the foils themselves. Upgrading your clients to a Couture Colour Service can add 10 per cent to your colour business revenue*, so growing the colour side of your salon has never been easier. 

Each Couture Colour service is dedicated to the craft of exquisite, personalised colour and should include an in-depth consultation, use of superior, premium products  and a luxury salon experience.

With the new Couture Colour collection, contouring goes beyond mere face-shape definition to create ultra-personalised looks that are as unique as your clients.

Discover the six Couture Colour looks here:

To find out more about how Wella Professionals’ premium services can grow your colour business, contact your Wella Professionals account manager, call 01202 595 700, or visit wellaprofessionals.co.uk 

*Based on charging minimum £5-£10 more per Colour service. Based on 50 per cent or more of customers using this service. Specific business case over 6-week period. For specific details on the business uplift for your salon please talk to your Wella account manager.