COLOUR: is #colorfulhair the new normal?

Whether clients are colour junkies or prefer a hidden pop of colour, #colorfulhair is the new hair normal. You can dial it up or dial it down with the new range of direct dyes from L’Oréal Professionnel

The new #COLORFULHAIR direct dyes feature:

  • Eight intermixable shades with ultra-vibrant results
  • Trio care complex for softness and shine
  • Exclusive gel-cream texture for precise professional application
  • Unparalleled vibrancy that can last up to 12 shampoos*
  • Low commitment pastel tones that can be washed out in a few shampoos*

So create something completely unique – just think of the possibilities!

Introducing the new looks…


Perfect for low-commitment clients, hidden colour peeks out when she runs her fingers through her hair – and just think of the effect when plaited back in a braid! Instagram heaven…


This all about seemingly effortless blending and layering to create whimsically colourful results from every angle.


Just like magic with a personalised root melt technique, violet tones blend into the hair and reveal a softer lavender shade. The must-have look of the season. 


This is all-out colour indulgence. Insanely gorgeous ocean-inspired masterpieces that are social media gold.

For further information, contact L’Oréal Professionnel on 0845 6000 122 or visit lorealprofessionnel.co.uk  

*Colour will start to gently fade after the first shampoo. Porosity of the hair, at home hair care and volume of Crystal Clear used will all determine longevity of the colour. Results may vary