COLOUR AND BUSINESS: time to get smart

Want to grow the colour side of your business, increase your profits and build a loyal clientele? Smartbond – the revolutionary bonding agent from L’Oréal Professionnel – is the answer.

The Cutting Room in Leeds (pictured below) is making £540 in sales (on average) each week from using Smartbond. The team sells up to 30 applications a week, while Charles Worthington (pictured above) sells up to 45 applications a week, making an extra £880 in sales (on average) each week – so just imagine what Smartbond can do for your salon’s bottom line!

Smartbond is ideal for anyone undergoing a colour or pre-lightening service, from colour transformations to first-time colourers who want to protect their hair while they colour.

Here are some simple steps to the perfect Smartbond consultation:

SMART Question – How do you feel about the condition of your hair?

If your client is happy with the condition of their hair, it’s important to protect this

during technical services. But equally, for clients that are unhappy with the condition, Smartbond can hold the key to softer, stronger, shinier hair.

SMART Sell – Have a short, sharp script ready to inform your clients about Smartbond, such as “L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond is an innovative new product, which I recommend adding to your colour today. It prevents breakage and protects your hair inside and out.”

Smartbond will make hair:

  • Feel softer and smoother to the touch.
  • Stronger inside and out.
  • Look shinier as your hair is healthier, giving it more light and shine.

SMART Close – Will you have a SMART colour today?

Get the look

Love this pastel pink Smartbond transformation by the #smartsquad at Alan Edwards! Want it? Recreate it for your clients by following the below steps and using #smartbond throughout…

  1. Pre-lighten with Blond Studio Multi Techniques + 30 vol
  2. Apply 15ml LUO PO1+10mls PO2 + 50mls LUO Releaser to the root area
  3. Apply 15ml LUO PO2+10mls Luo 4.20 + 50mls LUO Releaser to mid-band
  4. Finish with 20ml LUO 4.20+5mls LUO PO2 + 50mls LUO Releaser on ends

Go to @lorealprouk on Instagram to see more transformations. Don’t forget to share your own using @lorealprouk #lorealpro #smartbond