5 things we learned about Guido Palau at #TheCoterie…

1. Guido is a recovering Instagram addict! He has actually had to delete the app from his personal phone as he wasted too much time checking and scrolling through his feed. “I took it off because it became too important to me,” he explained, “so I questioned why that was and thought: ‘I can’t let this take over me.’  My assistant now has it on his.”

2. He’s always up for a challenge and looks for the beauty in everything. “I am interested in different sub cultures, things that challenge me, things that scare me, or things that are a bit dangerous,” he admitted. “I’m interested in putting that into beauty and seeing how it can be communicated.”

3. Fashion is all about imagination and creativity for him. “I can’t actually create when a model is talking to me because it makes them too real (when) I’m thinking about an invented character… Fashion should challenge people, it should be like a fantasy, should be a dream, it should not become too normal.”

4. He’s a perfectionist and puts a lot of pressure on himself. “I feel there is so much expectation of me, and when I go into a studio, I’ve already got things worked out so it does not go wrong.  I’ve got a responsibility to produce the look well because an editor or designer or whoever has given me an opportunity. I still have insecurities… I think I feel more nervous now than I did when I started!”

5. Supermodels still put him in his place. “The Versace S/S18 show was a little dramatic. Naomi (Campbell) was being Naomi… and we love her for that and you don’t want it to be any other way! As she sat down, I asked Cindy (Crawford) about her hair and she simply said ‘Shall we just do Iconic Cindy?’ and I was just like ‘Ah, she knows her brand.'”

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